Light weight alternative to Postman

I was planning to publish several new articles on Medium. But with the busy schedule, I wasn’t able to complete all of them. (Still there are few articles in my Draft folder ;) ). Anyway, instead of writing long articles, I thought of writing a brief article this time.

As developers, we have to deal with APIs when developing projects. POSTMAN is a tool that comes to our mind when we are talking about API testing. Recently I found a good REST API client same as POSTMAN. So I thought to share that with you all.

How about an extension like POSTMAN in VSCode. Then you don’t need to switch multiple software to test your APIs. If you are a VSCode user you can find this little gem called ‘Thunder Client’

Let’s see some of the features of this extension.

  • Simple UI.
  • Lightweight API client.
  • Handle large responses & view response in full screen.
  • Collections & environment variables support.
  • Scriptless testing

Now I’ll show how to use this extension in VS Code.

  • First, open your VSCode and go to the Extensions.
  • Search ‘Thunder Client’ there and Install the extension.
  • After restarting the code editor ,you can see an icon below the extension icon. Click on that icon.
  • Click on New Request.
  • You can see a GUI like below
  • Now you can test your APIs.

I have used Spotify API to show you a small demo.

I hope you got an idea now.

According to the developer he has used Javascript, Flexbox, Typescript, Ace Editor, Got, Nedb to implement this extension.

This extension is still in an early stage so there may be bugs. Let’s hope for more features and improvements in the next updates.

I’ll share the github and marketplace urls of this extension for your future references.

Github —

VS Marketplace —

If you learn something new , don’t forget to share this article with your friends ;)




• Crafting Digital Experience • Senior Software Engineer | Tech Enthusiast | CS Grad - UCD Ireland

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Sahesh Abeysinghe

Sahesh Abeysinghe

• Crafting Digital Experience • Senior Software Engineer | Tech Enthusiast | CS Grad - UCD Ireland

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